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Find out where to go… and when.

Finding a place to go can be tough with bloated apps. What we do is simple – we help you find the place you’re looking for by working with Victoria’s hospitality industry directly. Venues are listed by category. You can keep tabs on what your favourite venues are doing in real-time or watch for exclusive 4Lounge specials.

From a girls’ or boys’ night out, to a quiet date night, or a hectic dinner with the family, we make it easy for you to find the right place quickly.

Add your venue to 4Lounge easily.

At 4Lounge we keep it easy for you and your customers. We already have most of your facility’s details imported into the app. From there, your level of involvement is entirely up to you. Allowing the app access to your social media feeds will pull info and specials you’re already posting without any additional hassle.

Quickly broadcasting weekly or nightly specials and events through the app directly to customers in real-time only takes a minute.  Drop us a line and we’ll show you just how easy it is to share the night.

My friends and I needed a place to eat, followed by a place to hang out. 4Lounge found us both.

With kids, you always end up at the usual spots in the last minute. My husband opened up 4Lounge and found a new spot with specials within minutes, thanks!

Date night!  We opened up 4Lounge and not only found a new favourite place… but a bunch more restaurants we’ll be trying soon.

We were walking around downtown looking for a place to watch the game… 4Lounge found us a great spot with some killer happy hour drink and appetizer deals!

We had new clients in town and were looking for a new higher class place to hang out.  Showed them 4Lounge and we picked just the right spot within minutes of where we were.  What a great app!

We always end up going to the same place after work.  We decided to try 4Lounge and now have a hit-list of places and specials we’ll be trying, thanks 4Lounge!

Gotta admit, me and the boys can never make up our minds on where to go.  We now use 4Lounge to pick the place – haven’t missed yet.

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Ready to download 4Lounge for free now?

Ready to download 4Lounge for free now?


Or download for FREE by clicking on a link below.

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